Vanilla ice dating history

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His lyrics then were said to be mainly a whole mix of the African-American style of music.

single was not potent enough to resurrect him musically and by July of the same year, he thought it comforting to call it quits with life by taking a drug overdose.

This is a discography of Vanilla Ice, an American rapper.

He was accused of making songs which were bereft of creativity and suffers from an acute dearth of originality.It was said that SBK Records cooked up a false biographical account of the star which was meant to be a representation of what his childhood was like, how he ventured into music all those types of things people would like to read about a music star.Ice was ignorant of this, however, as he would later, in an interview, say something entirely different from what people had read to be his biography.Lets mention here that in his younger years, he actively participated in motorsports and was said to have won two championships.With his new found confidence, he felt poised to come back to music again.

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