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Other titles such as 2D puzzler - none of which are likely to have single-handedly saved the Virtual Boy from its early grave.Nintendo released the device in Japan and the US in the summer of 1995, originally forecasting sales of 3 million consoles and 14 million games, but managed to shift just 350,000 units by December of that year.Nintendo promised to release a harness to affix the device to the user's head, but the Virtual Boy was discontinued before these plans came into fruition.The battery pack could be replaced by a slide-on wall adaptor, but it was easy to knock this out of position and cause the system to suddenly shut down.We like to think that Nintendo learned a few valuable lessons from its foray into virtual reality, but its current market position suggests it may have another commercial flop on its hands in the Wii U, albeit to a lesser extent than the Virtual Boy, and for very different reasons.It was poor design choices that condemned the Virtual Boy to the scrap heap from day one, so there's no reason to suggest the fate of the Wii U is out of Nintendo's hands.Monochrome visuals didn't do the original Game Boy any harm, but Nintendo's decision to render Virtual Boy imagery in a jarring red made it harsh on the eyes.Each game came with the option to automatically pause every 15 to 30 minutes, and came plastered with warnings that extended play sessions could cause headaches and even seizures in rare cases.

Nintendo tried its hand at VR in 1995 with disastrous results, churning out a reviled tabletop console called the Virtual Boy to fill the void between the Super Nintendo and the delayed Nintendo 64.

Galactic Pinball is a low-effort pinball game, and 3D Tetris is a crime against nature.

But it’s nice to have a reliable, comfortable way to play Mario’s Tennis, which always had big, beautiful sprites and decent mechanics.

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In early 1995, I remember reading a letter in a video game magazine that talked about how much momentum Nintendo had with the upcoming Ultra 64 console and the futuristic Virtual Boy.

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