Webcam captures samples

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Since we are using the 'Autosize' Sizemode parameter the size of the picture box is managed on the main thread.Without using a thread safe call a cross thread exception will be thrown as an invoke will be required. A majority of the variables gathered from this method are simply displayed in the richtextbox on the form.

The new features introduced in this code is the ability to select the camera source through Direct Show (dll supplied).While the coding is basic the are several methods involved that may be of putting the newcomers of EMGU.The code provided in this sample is basic there is only someo error checking. Capture EMGU Reference EMGU CV_PROP Reference Open CV Reference Source Code V2.0 The following example shows the use of the Capture function within EMGU.This example will show an example of web camera capture as well as reading and setting properties of the camera.

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