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After participating in a few Skype calls and utilizing SOLE sessions to improve his English, Sharukh and Liz stayed in touch.She helped him apply to medical school and has been a mentor throughout his schooling.Who told your that grannies don’t have sex anymore?As you can see on the page below, there are a lot of older women that haven’t lost their lust.It’s widely popular in the School in the Cloud’s SOLE India labs where students have worked with Grannies to better their English, try out different science experiments, play games over Skype and exchange skills.

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These snippets of Skype stories are just a few among many wonderful moments.She was excited to talk on Skype with her Granny but describes the first few lessons, as “horrible for the Grannies” since neither of the participants could understand each other.However, the Grannies did what they do best: provide encouragement.In the sidebar of this page you’ll see that we placed some additional filters to make sure you can find your type of granny. If you like Megacams, don’t forget to bookmark us or share it with your best friends.A couple of years ago, we introduced you to the School in the Cloud, a global experiment in self-organized learning.

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