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Hayley Williams of Paramore opened up about her secret relationship with band mate and guitarist, Josh Farro.The couple dated for three years but split in 2007.

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Shortly after leaving the store with his entourage in two SUVs and a Jeep, the rapper was pulled over by an officer on Fairfax Avenue. So it’s, like, I understand that they were doing their job.) // 📷: @marybethbphoto pic.twitter.com/6o Pk Islo Nh @lord_voltron @yelyahwilliams Thank you for giving my best friend this opportunity. Capricorn Meridian, Mississippi, USAFranklin, Tennessee, USAWilliams has attended some school in Mississippi, where she was born.thanks ppl for always showing love to me & paramore. if you’re in need of a lil extra care today, come bliss out with our family. ☮️ @Bonnaroo pic.twitter.com/Vv M4w2Tuq P Zac and the @Half Noise Music boys were made for @Bonnaroo. (And awesome job with the Sanctuary of Self-Love @yelyahwilliams, it rules!

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