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She also stars in a comedy-drama series on American crime, Good Girls Annie Marks.

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Starting in 2018, Whitman started voices for Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in the DC Super Hero Girls web series.

"And then she came around the corner and I just started doing it, and you can see her actually laughing.

That was the take they used — they kept the one where she breaks and smiles and laughs a little at me."Another improvisation from Whitman came from a kissing scene in which she quips back about him being a "tongue guy," Amell explains.

It just made it very easy to play off each other."And what exactly is a double date like for these two?

Not as exciting as you'd think — but again, it's all about Whitman. Just like any other double date, I guess," describes Amell. It was probably funnier than most just because Mae is so friggin’ funny. She’s always got a witty joke, so you gotta kill her with silliness."All joking aside, Amell is glad to had so much fun while sending out a great message to young women.

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