Who is mark simone dating

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That turned into long conversations which blossomed into a great friendship. On September 24, 2012 we decided that our friendship was ready to be something deeper and we began dating.

Despite being separated by over 700 miles, we fell in love and knew that we had something special.

Mark Simone net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet in the media while his annual salary is said to be more than ,166 which is an average income of a radio anchor but he surely earns more because of his experience and excellence in the broadcasting industry.

Mark Simone is a popular American radio personality who works at WOR owned by i Heart Media.

Has been serving since 2013 at WOR, he has previously worked at various other radio stations including WPIX-FM, WMCA, WNEW, CBS Radio Network, and WABC in New York City.

During intermission, the owner let me get on the stage (where Simone thought I was going to sing for some strange reason).

In front of the entire crowd, I asked and she said YES!!! We were pretty much inseparable growing up and always competed over everything.

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