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As for where to go to find a partner Prague and Bohemia ( Western Czech Rep) has changed greatly in the 5 years .

If someone comes here now they would never realize that Prague is Eastern Europe.

what country they should travel to find their foreign partner.

I am Rodney a 52 year old American who quit dating American women 17 years ago and traveled all over Eastern Europe looking for a partner. My wife has a masters degree, is beautiful on the inside and outside, comes from a great family her brother is a doctor, and is a great mother to our daughter.

In Prague and Bohemia the area is the second most athiest area in the world next to Denmark.

We are ready to work with you and find your partner like we did.Ladies are more jovial and drink more in this region.In general the area is 25 years back in time to USA or western Europe.This is a Central European city that is only 5 years behind London and Paris, where everyone speaks English and I would consider it America lite.Prague ladies are very educated, classy, and have great language skills.

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