Xampp webalizer not updating

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From time to time, I—and maybe you, too—want or have to upgrade XAMPP (i.e., install it again, in a newer version).

I did this, for example, when switching PHP versions, or when I moved from My SQL to Maria DB.

No need for an FTP server, Perl, Webalizer or any of the other available stuff. Now, we only have to make sure the new installation just like the old one, but … 😀 So, we would like to end up with a clean version of what we have when we regularly upgrade XAMPP.

In order for both Apache and your operating system to work with your local hosts (i.e., the respective files), you have to move (or copy, if you want to be extra cautious) them from your old installation to the new one.

The goal is to have a clean XAMPP installation in your desired version, with all local hosts still working fine, and all of your current …

However, if you did not create any database dumps—meaning Maria DB only got a patch or minor update—all you have to do is to copy (or even move) the old data from the folder.

A patch and also a minor update does not break any existing functionality, but only fixes bugs and/or introduces new features.

However, if the new version of Maria DB is a major update with respect to the current one, you should export all your databases.

From which you can undertake all manner of administrative tasks, such as checking the server status and security, launch tools like php My Admin and Webalizer analytics. In the setup file to select the required components needed.

For eg (if you want to install Word Press on XAMPP, the required components are My SQL, Apache, PHPMy Admin).

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