Xbox live gold membership not updating

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If problem isn't resolved please go to step 2; Step 2: Check NAT setting settings Press the Menu button on the Xbox One controller. On the Network settings screen, under Current Network Status, the NAT Type field will tell you your current NAT type. If all of the above fails you will need a replacement console from Microsoft.

Click here for a comprehensive guide on how to fix this.The easiest solution is often to switch who is the host of the party, however if that doest work; You can try these troubleshooting tips as well.Do a hard reset Press and hold the xbox power button for 8-10 seconds until the system turns off, wait 30 seconds then turn it back on.The advice herein is purely for informational purposes and may or may not solve your issue.A hard reset of the console will solve most problems and should be performed at least monthly (although weekly is better - particularly if you are in the Preview Program) to maintain UI speed and minimize glitches!

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