Xm radio says updating

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From not functioning properly to turning off automatically, your SIRIUS radio tuner is like any other electronic device and problems do arise.You don't have to send your radio in for repair or contact SIRIUS; you can reset your SIRIUS radio tuner and return it to factory settings.You will need your XM radio ID (8-character alphanumeric) in order to enable your refresh request.The XM radio ID can generally be obtained via your avionics system display, which varies by partner. There is no "I" (eye), "o" (oh), "S" or "F" used for XM radio ID's.The Activation Refresh process can be initiated by calling 1-800-985-9200, or you can perform online at Once initiated, the activation signal will be immediately broadcast for a 15 minutes only, so it is recommended to have the system powered up and able to receive the XM signal prior to initiating.In the last couple of days, I can't get any XM stations except the preview channel; my display says "updating" on every channel.

However, there are free trials and super-attractive rates to tempt you back to the service or to introduce new users to it.Verify proper installation by checking Heads Up installation manuals.A: Possibly, however check the 'ant in' port of the XM receiver for a correct voltage reading of approx 5 Volts. The XMD075-01 provides interface for USB or RS42 connections, while the XMD076-01 provides interface for RS232.The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks.The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.

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